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Barbara Poole is the President and founder of Success Builders, Inc. She is a Personal and Professional Coach with extensive prior experience as a human resources and organization development leader, management consultant, career development specialist, and therapist.

As both a corporate veteran and a small business owner, Barbara has worked with Fortune 100 executives as well as emerging entrepreneurs. Having spent many years "in the trenches", she understands what being in business is really all about. She knows what matters, what people care about, and what they worry about, but are sometimes reluctant to say.

In her individual coaching practice, Barbara works with clients who want to achieve greater contribution and fulfillment by integrating their lives with their livelihoods. She has assisted numerous people in developing new career directions, growing small businesses, and expressing more of their authentic selves in their professional pursuits.

Barbara’s corporate coaching focuses on working with individual leaders as well as management and executive teams. Here, the emphasis is on developing deeper and more authentic leadership, building dynamic teams, contributing to communities, and creating corporate cultures that are healthy and conducive to both good business and a great quality of life for the people who work there.

Barbara is:
  • A Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation
  • A graduate of Coach University, the world’s largest educational institution for coaches
  • An affiliate of the Pyramid Resource Group, based in Cary, NC
  • A graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology
  • An award-winning writer who publishes several regular newspaper columns
  • Proud mom to one amazing and gifted son
  • Passionately committed to having a conscious and fulfilling life and helping her clients do the same
This is what Barbara has to say about her coaching style:

"My calling is to elevate and celebrate the human spirit and to help this become manifest in the people that I work with. I listen carefully and deeply to my clients in order to hear their wisdom and their essence, as well as the concerns they may be reluctant to share with others in their lives. My style is direct, honest and challenging, but at the same time gentle and supportive. This work is about transformation, and my job is help guide my clients on the journey to becoming more of who they truly are."

Client Success

"The first impact Barbara made was to establish a consciousness of the balance in my life, and the need to periodically assess that balance to achieve a sense of fulfillment on both personal and professional levels. I have been able to understand not only where I was, but specifically what I needed to do to have better, more rewarding relationships with the people in my life. I have also organized my personal and business responsibilities so that there are far fewer minor issues that present urgent needs for my time and attention. Whatever I do, wherever I go from here, I will be more fulfilled and more successful as a result of our teaming."

Mark, VP of a consulting engineering firm
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